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Favorites A Tigers Tail (2014)

A Tigers Tail (2014) HD
A Tigers Tail (2014)
Year, country:
Michael J. Sarna
Greg Grunberg, Darlene Vogel, Christopher Judge
1h 22min

FilmsCLUB.org - A Tigers Tail (2014) TV-Series full movie online in HD

The family picture “Tiger Tail” by Michael J. Sarn tells the story of the adventure of the boy Billy, who has a very kind heart. Parents together with their son visited the zoo, which is constantly changing its location. The performance was very impressive for the young lover of the animal world, and after the boy a little surprise was expected. After the performance, Billy notices that a tiny tiger cub is hiding in the parents' car. Rejoiced, the little spy decides to remain silent, because he will now have a new friend! The consequences of such a rash act are of little interest to the protagonist, so he only rejoices at the opportunity.

A very kind film was shot in a rather family atmosphere, despite the absolute incompatibility of the wild animal and domestic conditions. A lot of incidents and leprosy drive parents crazy, but what if the child glows with happiness?

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