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Redirected (2014) HD
Redirected (2014)
Year, country:
Emilis Velyvis
Vinnie Jones, Scot Williams, Gil Darnell
1h 39min
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“Zaneslo” is an explosive film in the best traditions of British cinema with an admixture of Baltic exotics.

Four residents of the foggy capital of England (Michael, Johnny, Ben and Tim) make a daring raid on an underground casino. They are sent by a certain customer and indicate a specific goal in the task - in addition to money, it is necessary to steal the ring from a cool gangster, nicknamed Golden Pole.

The case manages to turn in accordance with the plan, and now it remains only to slip away, without waiting for revenge. But the plane, heading from London to Malaysia, makes an emergency landing due to the eruption of the well-known volcano Eyyafyadlayokyudlya.

Guys find themselves in uncharted territory in Lithuania. Unfortunately, their enemies very soon find out about the location of the hapless robbers. Hoping to get even and return their own, they also go to Vilnius.

Overnight, everything mixes up: chases, fights, booze, accessible girls and the constant threat of life. Thrills lead to confusion and turn the adventures of the British in the Baltic States into something incredible.

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