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Burying The Ex (2014) HD
Burying The Ex (2014)
Year, country:
Joe Dante
Anton Yelchin, Ashley Greene, Alexandra Daddario
1h 29min
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“My Girlfriend is a Zombie” is a comedy horror film about an inappropriately resurrected bride who did not want to leave her groom after death.

The relationship of the couple in love - Max and Evelyn - has not been glued for a long time. He loves stupid horror films, his non-fun half-brother and funny posters, she is obsessed with ecology, vegetarian food and order in the apartment. Eternal control and constant notations of a girlfriend begin to bore freedom-loving Max, however, he loves Evelyn and swears that his beloved will always stay close.

Unfortunately, the imprudent oath of a young man hears the evil devil's genie, perverting all desires. Very soon, Evelyn dies in an absurd car accident, and the liberated Max begins a new life. The new girlfriend of the hero becomes a frivolous and charming saleswoman Olivia, who sells ice cream with surprises. However, the half-forgotten vow, overheard by the genie, remains valid, so the deceased Evelyn rises from the grave. The bride who has risen from the dead intends to destroy the plans of the happy couple and return the boyfriend, making him a zombie.