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Clown (2014) HD
Clown (2014)
Year, country:
Jon Watts
Andy Powers, Laura Allen, Peter Stormare
1h 40min
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Kent is an exemplary family man and caring father who hires a clown for his son Jack's birthday. However, a mistake occurs in the company that organizes the holidays, and Kent is informed that the actor will not be able to come to them. Then, in order not to upset the baby, a caring father decides to play a clown for him. Fortunately, Kent quickly finds an old circus costume and manages to create a real celebration for his beloved son and his guests. However, when he tries to take off his suit, he fails. All attempts to get rid of it lead to severe pain and bloody wounds, as if the suit is the second skin of a man. In addition to this, the circus outfit gives rise to terrible thoughts and an irresistible desire to kill in Kent's brain ...