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Justice League: War (2014)
Year, country:
Jay Oliva
Sean Astin, Zach Callison, Christopher Gorham
1h 19min
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At the heart of the cartoon "League of Justice" was the comic book DC "New 52 Justice League: Origin". In Gotham City, an unknown monster kidnaps people; all the inhabitants of the city are frightened. The green flashlight accidentally sees someone like Batman steal the girl from the bus stop, and rushes after him. He thinks it's a real Batman; but during the fight for the girl Green Lantern finds out that this is a high-tech robot. Miraculously he saves the girl from death. Next, the Green Lantern meets the real Batman, and they decide to unite against the robot, which is sent from another planet. Supermen rush for the cyborg in pursuit, but, despite all their tricks, the robot does not stop and runs away from the Green Lantern and Batman to the sewer. There, a cyborg pawns an object that Batman recognizes as an extraterrestrial computer. Superman friends carry him to the city's scientists. The robot disappears after the explosion, which it also caused. Scientists determine that this device produces some strange signals. What are these signals, and what is the purpose of the arrival of the robot in Gotham City? The answer to these questions is necessary to get the cartoon characters.