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7 Minutes (2014) HD
7 Minutes (2014)
Year, country:
Jay Martin
Luke Mitchell, Zane Holtz, Jason Ritter
1h 32min
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Three best friends - Sam, Mike and Owen - are forced to commit a robbery due to certain circumstances. The main characters of the crime thriller "Seven Minutes" carefully planned the upcoming crime and did not imagine that everything would go completely wrong as they wanted. Within a few seconds, a simple plan turns into a game where the lives of the heroes become the stakes. They should have simply robbed the place where the drug lord psychopath had brought them so that they could pay their debt to him, but from the very beginning the plan fell through. Despite the masks, two men showed their faces. To avoid arrest, they even had to take a hostage. The situation is complicated when pregnant Kate, Sam’s girlfriend, disappears. As it turns out, the woman was abducted by a drug lord, to whom the heroes owe a lot of money. Now friends will have to not only hide from the police, but also confront the impudent criminal. Who will win this fight?