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Dinosaur Island (2014) HD
Dinosaur Island (2014)
Year, country:
Matt Drummond
Darius Williams, Kate Rasmussen, Albert Allu
1h 22min
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Despite his young age, Lucas simply loves to travel - a thirteen-year-old teenager spends all his personal time on trips to different countries. Of course, this is impossible on its own, but during the holidays the main character of the film “Dinosaur Island” has this opportunity. He boarded a plane that was supposed to dominate the young man in an exotic country. In principle, this happens, but only with the intervention of evil rock ... The airliner crashes over the open ocean. Only Lucas survives. He comes to his senses on the deserted coast of a white sand beach. The boy immediately suspects that this is an uninhabited island, but the truth is much worse ... Here live those whom all scientists consider to be dead for a long time - huge scaly creatures called dinosaurs. For so many years, none of the people could not find this lost island, which means that no one will be looking for Lucas himself. Now he has absolutely no chance of a happy return home. And can the hero survive among cruel animals?