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Closer To God (2014) HD
Closer To God (2014)
Year, country:
Billy Senese
Jeremy Childs, Shelean Newman, Shannon Hoppe
1h 21min
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Thriller Closer to God talks about Dr. Victor, who is a good geneticist. It was he who was the first physician who cloned the first person - the girl Elizabeth. This information quickly leaked to the press, which is why reporters from local newspapers and television began to harass his family. Some saw in this cloning many positive aspects. But there were those who did not welcome this and considered all this a mistake, which in the future could very much harm civilization.

Closer to God (2014) shows how, after human cloning, Victor began to have a lot of problems in life. He could not work normally in the laboratory, as various annoying reporters constantly came to him. Also on the streets of the city began to speak out protesters who were against such experiments on people. However, the matter was already done and there was no turning back. Victor and his family were not going through good times then, because he was mistaken in his designs and did not know that all this would turn out to be such problems. In addition, he had another terrible threat that threatened the life of the protagonist. What kind of secret Victor kept for many years should watch a movie online.