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Yellowbird (2014) HD
Yellowbird (2014)
Year, country:
Christian De Vita
Arthur Dupont, Sara Forestier, Bruno Salomone
1h 30min
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“Wing the Wing” - a cartoon about the adventure of a flock of birds led by a brave chick.

From his very birth Chizhik is not like all the other chicks. It is distinguished by its color. This is the reason for the constant ridicule and mockery of him by other birds. No one respects Chizhik and no one listens to him, and therefore it is much more comfortable for a chick to spend free time with her only friend, who is a ladybug.

Every year, a flock of birds flies to the warm countries for the winter. A pack leader named Darius invariably sends all the birds to Africa. But this year misfortune happened ... Darius died from the paws of a cat. But before he passed away, the leader managed to tell the young Chizhik how to get to Africa. None of the pack knows the route, which means that only Chizhik can help everyone out! He will have to gather his strength, win a good attitude and become a real leader, which will help him get to the south along with the whole flock. But to do all this is not at all as simple as it seems, in addition to that, a lot of different interesting and frightening events await on the way ...