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The Cobbler (2014) HD
The Cobbler (2014)
Year, country:
Thomas McCarthy
Adam Sandler, Melonie Diaz, Steve Buscemi
1h 39min
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Max Simkin is the most ordinary New Yorker. He lives with his mother, repairs shoes in a tiny family workshop and dreams of finding a more profitable and interesting activity. But day after day pass quietly, measuredly and do not portend any major changes. One day a hero accidentally finds among his old, unnecessary trash a sewing machine of his missing father many years ago. Suddenly it turns out that she not only regularly performs her functions, but also has some magical power! Having tried on shoes subordinated to a miracle machine, you can easily take the guise of its owner! How will Max manage his unexpected find and will it bring him happiness? Will he finally be able to meet true love? What dangers and intrigues await the humble shoemaker? Viewers will have to learn all this while watching a fascinating tragicomedy with elements of a criminal drama.