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Hacker (2016)
Year, country:
Akan Satayev
Callan McAuliffe, Daniel Eric Gold, Lorraine Nicholson,
1h 35min
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A fascinating thriller with elements of drama and detective based on real events. In the center of the plot is the main character named Alex Danilyuk. In search of a better life and new opportunities, a guy with his parents emigrates from Ukraine to Canada. At first things are going well, but then his family is on the verge of bankruptcy. Our hero is beside himself with rage. He decides to take revenge on the vile banking system, and also earn decent money on this. Alex has good IT skills and knowledge and joins the ranks of the criminal web organization DarkWeb. There he meets two like-minded people who are also not averse to breaking the big jackpot, doing cyber fraud. Having learned several important and useful lessons, the guys are starting to crank up large, serious frauds via the Internet with credit cards and bank accounts. At first, everything is going very well. However, what began as a struggle for justice quickly grew into an avid desire for endless enrichment. Heroes attract the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and then, even worse, the people at the head of DarkWeb. Now the trinity will not be easy to hide from the pursuers ...