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Numb (2015) HD
Numb (2015)
Year, country:
Jason R. Goode
Aleks Paunovic, Jamie Bamber, Marie Avgeropoulos,
1h 30min
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For the sake of money, people are ready to risk their lives, betray and even kill. Often, deeply decent representatives of humanity, in order to get rid of material problems forever, commit desperate acts. So it happened with the heroes of the picture. A married couple has long dreamed of their own home, where it will always be warm and the kids will start to run after each other with a cheerful laugh. The head of the family disappears for days at work, but the spouse has not yet come close to the cherished goal. Bank representatives urgently need to repay the loan, cards are blocked, almost no cash.

On the snowy roads of Canada, the couple returns home by car, along the way they pick up two men and in the darkness almost knock down a frozen old man who is soon dying. What to do? Impossible to call the police, blizzard. It is necessary to somehow inform loved ones. After searching the pockets of the deceased, the driver found a passport in the name of Cormac Lisa. A few years ago there was not a single TV channel that would not report the huge win of this person in a casino. Continuing the search, the heroes find a piece of paper with the coordinates of the GPS navigator. They caught the firebird by the tail, no one doubts that it is here that the innumerable wealth of the lucky one is hidden.

Spouses will have to overcome the difficult path on foot through snowy terrain in severe frost. Will they get to other people's money or freeze along the way?

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