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Favorites Cat Sick Blues (2015)

Cat Sick Blues (2015) HD
Cat Sick Blues (2015)
Year, country:
Dave Jackson
Noah Moon, Shian Denovan, Matthew C. Vaughan,
1h 34min
FilmsCLUB.org - Cat Sick Blues (2015) TV-Series full movie online in HD

The sick cat blues horror film tells about Tedi, who had a beloved cat. Once he died tragically and the guy did not want to put up with this. He wanted to do everything possible in order to regain his beloved pet. One day, one thought occurred to him. He wanted to give nine human lives. But after that, the man had other questions, where to get them and how to do it.

In the film Cat Sick Blues (2017), it is shown that Tedi decided to go to support courses, where people like himself appeared to be. There he met a girl with whom he fell in love with time. However, the suffering behind the black cat led to the fact that he simply went to the roof, and he could not think normally. After that, the man began to calmly kill the girls who attended the courses with him. Every day the number of victims increased, and this was noticed by the police. Even the girl who had sympathy for Tedi saw that her boyfriend had recently begun to behave very strange towards everyone around him. Police eventually began to suspect the main character, who did not stop in his crimes. Will he be able to resurrect a cat, you need to watch a movie online.

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