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Favorites California Dreams (2015)

California Dreams (2015)
Year, country:
Marcelo Bendotti
Kelly Packard, Michael Cade, Jay Anthony Franke
1h 23min
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At all times, bureaucracy has always been one of the most powerful tools. This weapon could easily put an end to even the most just cause, or force even the most spiritually strong brave man to tremble before a pile of references or a heap of other pieces of paper. If necessary, the skilled bureaucrat did not make any special efforts to stop the movement of the military unit, the main thing is that a person possesses such qualities as courage and desire.

The end of the twentieth century, Romania. NATO units are sent to the territory of Yugoslavia. By coincidence, the train with the military got stuck at the station Kapalnitsa, there was an unexpected stop that slows down the planned route. Citizen Doyaru, he is also the head of the station, an official, so to speak, who has every right to demand any documents for verification. Which he did, demanding from Captain Doug Johnson the permission of the customs service to transport military equipment. And until Johnson provides the necessary documentation, he and his military will not move on ...

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