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Favorites The Ones Below (2015)

The Ones Below (2015) HD
The Ones Below (2015)
Year, country:
David Farr
Clémence Poésy, David Morrissey, Stephen Campbell Moore
1h 27min
FilmsCLUB.org - Legion The Ones Below (2015) TV-Series full movie online in HD

The heroes of the film “One Floor Below” are a married couple Justin and Kate, who have been married for ten years. They did not immediately realize that they wanted a child, but now they are ready to become parents and are looking forward to adding.

The spouses have new neighbors below - Teresa and John, at first seeming happy, but gradually revealing their secret and strange sides.

Kate started communicating out of a desire to help her get used to it, only the first joint dinner turned into a disaster, and the problems gained momentum on an increasing basis.

Justin persuades his wife to focus on pregnancy, and then on the born son of Billy. Maternity was not always given to a woman easily: fatigue began to affect, so Theresa offered to look after the baby until the young mother had a little rest.

For Kate, this event turned everything upside down: she either turned into an overly suspicious person, or her neighbor actually tried to get Billy and try to pass him off as her own son. Understanding what was real and what wasn’t all the more difficult, but Kate is ready in any condition to protect Billy from strangers.

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