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Favorites Feed the Devil (2015)

Feed the Devil (2015) SD
Feed the Devil (2015)
Year, country:
Max Perrier
Victoria Curtain, Ardis Barrow, Jared Cohn,
1h 35min
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The plot of the film tells about several treasure hunters who go on their next trip, hoping to finally get rich. They are well aware that there will be many trials ahead and that they will be even greater if they find treasures, because at such moments there are always many who want to take the easy money. However, none of them could even imagine what they were actually faced with. Arriving at the place, they entered into an agreement with a local gang, and after a while they learned that the girl of the leader disappeared without a trace. Everyone began to search for her, during which it became known that other people had disappeared besides her. Everything indicates that a deadly game has begun, in which dark forces take part ...

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