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Life, Animated (2015) HD
Life, Animated (2015)
Year, country:
Roger Ross Williams
Gilbert Gottfried, Jonathan Freeman, Alan Rosenblatt,
1h 32min
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At the heart of the picture is the bestselling book The New York Times, written by the father of the protagonist - writer and journalist Ron Saskind, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. Up to three years, his son Owen developed quite normally. But once, suddenly and inexplicably, he completely stopped talking: he could not express his thoughts, feelings and desires, build relationships with others. Then he was diagnosed with autism.

Over the years, Owen and his family have learned to find a language for communicating with each other. To do this, they plunged into the world of Disney cartoons, familiar to everyone since childhood. Owen was very fond of The Little Mermaid and The Lion King, and reviewed them again and again. Through them, he learned to recognize the complex nuances of relationships and understand the universal mechanisms of communication. Thanks to them, he was able to find new connections with the outside world.