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2101 (2015) HD
2101 (2015)
Year, country:
Kyle Misak
Revon Yousif, Karan Beaty, Don Joseph Chase
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What association does Russian people have when mentioning the word "penny"? Someone comes to mind the Russian currency - the eternal "wooden", but most will say: "The first Soviet car, made in a more or less modern style." Indeed, the VAZ-2101 car model, popularly nicknamed “kopek,” served as the standard of the domestic automobile industry for decades, and so far on the streets of Russia you can meet rare “guests from the past”, who are also famously traveling on asphalt and country roads.

For some, the "hero of the film" is a simple means of transportation, but many consider the car a true friend and helper in many activities! The “Kopeyka” featured in the film has changed many hosts - from an elderly pensioner to a prostitute and chairman of the Politburo. In the cabin of the VAZ there are certificates indicating the professions and hobbies of the former owners.

Reliable, like flint and simple, like “two rubles,” a car rushes overcoming dozens of fates, experiencing with them the bitterness of losses and the joy of acquisitions. It brings happiness and disappointment, destroys and creates, serves as a home and "last refuge" ...