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German Angst (2015) HD
German Angst (2015)
Year, country:
Jörg Buttgereit, Michal Kosakowski
Michael Zenner, Axel Holst, Lola Gave,
1h 25min
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Today on the screens you can see a variety of "horror": someone shoots pseudo-documentary films, wanting to scare the audience with the reality of what is happening, and some directors rely on short films. "Horror" has reached the series, which are enjoying unprecedented popularity today. The film "German Fear" is a creepy and shocking almanac, consisting of three short stories, each of which is designed to frighten the viewer at all costs. The first short story was called “The Last Girl”. She tells the story of a young woman living in a district of Berlin. The heroine leads a reclusive lifestyle, being in one of the rooms of her apartment, while the other room hides a terrible secret. The second story is called “Wish” and tells about the torment of a deaf and dumb couple who fell into the hands of neo-Nazis. The final part of the almanac takes us to hell, where a fashionable German photographer finds himself trying to find eroticism prohibited in the country on the Internet. Of course, he doesn’t end up in real hell, but in a closed sex club for lovers of BDSM games and other perverted entertainments.