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Those People (2015) HD
Those People (2015)
Year, country:
Joey Kuhn
Jonathan Gordon, Jason Ralph, Haaz Sleiman
1h 29min
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The authors of the dramatic film "These People" offer their viewers to immerse themselves in the history of friendship between two people who experience many problems. This is a story of friendship that has become almost painful.

At the center of history is a young artist who loves art and decides to devote his whole life to it. Being creative in nature, he often closes in apartments in Manhattan. In the luxurious East Side, he creates his work, which, he thinks, can cause genuine interest among the general public. He has a friend whom they often see. They are close and there are no secrets between them. From early childhood, friends firmly decided that mutual assistance would be their basis for friendship. And now, when many years have passed, they continue to maintain that strong relationship. Everything could be good, if not for the new love of the protagonist. Having started a relationship, he begins to conflict with his longtime friend. He does not even suspect that he will soon have to choose between friendship and romantic feelings.