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Favorites Take Me to the River (2015)

Take Me to the River (2015) SD, HD
Take Me to the River (2015)
Year, country:
Matt Sobel
Josh Hamilton, Logan Miller, Robin Weigert,
1h 24min
Full movie drama Take Me to the River (2015) online in ffilms.club
Big relatives are going to the farm of his beloved grandmother. Relatives strive to show themselves on the positive side, hiding unpleasant details and recent problems, not wanting to give them publicity. The upcoming holiday should be held in a warm, cozy atmosphere. Gathered guests lead cute conversations and share the latest news. The young hero of the picture. Take me to the river, I wanted to tell everyone my secret about the unconventional orientation, but my mother dissuaded her son from a similar undertaking. The manner of behavior and style of communication arouse suspicion and lead to ridicule of the younger generation, causing an angry reaction from the young man. Only the younger cousin sympathizes with him.
Once Molly asks Ryder to look for a bird's nest. After returning, the girl is in the blood, and the young man is not able to explain the causes of the incident. Brutal accusations of lightning speed are falling on him, not allowing him to justify innocence. The head of the family begins to investigate, intending to accurately ascertain the details of the incident, without knowing about the future discoveries. If you watch the movie Take me to the river, you can learn about the many secrets that will fall on the household, causing a sincere shock and stunned.
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