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The Morning After (2015) HD
The Morning After (2015)
Year, country:
Shanra Kehl (as Shanra J. Kehl)
Roberto Aguire, Tina Arning, Markie Adams,
1h 19min
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About the film: Have you ever had such a thing in your life that in the morning the same question arises in your head: how could it happen for me to wake up next to this person? If such feelings are familiar to you firsthand, and you want to know what is happening in the head of a person who finds himself in a similar situation, then this is exactly the film that you are obliged to watch.

Intelligent, full of subtleties of the story will tell about the morning awakening of eight couples at once. The creators decided to show the audience how people who find themselves in a similar situation behave, whether they will cope with “suddenly” arising circumstances or not overcome them. The film does not give any ratings, so the final decision remains with the viewer himself, because none of us knows for sure how we will behave when we get into a situation similar to heroes. Despite the scrupulousness of the whole situation, it looks quite entertaining and believable, which is why it will be interesting for each of us to give our own assessment of what is happening on the screen.