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Robot World (2015)
Year, country:
Neil Rowe
Ian Rowe, Tamsyn Pickford, Neil Rowe
1h 22min
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The action of the film The world of robots takes place in the distant future, where a special project was created. According to the plan, elements for communication are established on the planets, and terrain studies are conducted. A fantastic world, uncharted corners of the universe, new discoveries and creatures - all this awaits the audience of a fantastic motion picture.

The protagonist of the adventure film Robot World (2015) landed on one planet to conduct his research and determine intelligent life. However, the unexpected happens, the hunt begins for him. It turns out that the main inhabitants of the planet are cars. A new life was born on this planet, but it is dangerous for people. All cars are bloodthirsty and will not stop until they catch an alien pilot. The protagonist began to conduct his research in order to learn more about them, but in general it is more like hunting, where he is the target. Where a person cannot be without oxygen, machines can move quietly, this is their advantage, they easily track our researcher and open fire. It is worth watching an online movie to find out how it all ends for the protagonist.