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Favorites Belly Of The Bulldog - Tank 432 (2015)

Belly Of The Bulldog - Tank 432 (2015) HD
Belly Of The Bulldog - Tank 432 (2015)
Year, country:
Nick Gillespie
Deirdre Mullins, Rupert Evans, Steve Garry
1h 24min

FilmsCLUB.org - Belly Of The Bulldog - Tank 432 (2015) full movie online in HD

A group of soldiers, following the order of the command, could not even imagine that they would be ambushed. None of the soldiers wants to die, but there is nowhere to hide from the enemy. Retreating, they find an abandoned tank, in the cockpit of which they decide to take cover. From here a wonderful view of the area opens, allowing them to monitor the movement of the enemy. First of all, the military decides to conduct reconnaissance in order to find out what weapons their enemy has, since it is likely that they have nothing to fear. However, their fears were not in vain, and the enemy has every opportunity to deal with them in a matter of minutes. The soldier is seized with panic, and a split occurs between them. But the worst thing is that they begin to understand - among them is a skillfully disguised enemy ...

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