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Favorites The Hexecutioners (2015)

The Hexecutioners (2015) HD
The Hexecutioners (2015)
Year, country:
Giorgio Serafini
Timothy Burd, Sarah Power, Liv Collins,
1h 33min
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Mallison McCourt has just taken a job at an euthanasia company, a procedure in which employees come home to help a sick or elderly person die. Realizing that this work can be a serious test for her, Mallison tries to refuse, but the boss decides to give her the opportunity to prove herself and sends her on a three-day business trip with a more experienced employee, Olivia Blatcher. The girls go to the countryside, where a rich client is waiting for them - Milos Somborak, living in the company of his strange assistant Edgar. Olivia is sure that they will easily carry out the procedure and does not even suspect what it will turn out in the end. However, it all starts not only quite calmly, but also very positively - the heroines establish friendships. But, carried away by communication with each other, the girls completely do not pay attention to what is happening around the strangeness ...