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Chat (2015) HD
Chat (2015)
Year, country:
Boris Wexler
Andrea Conte, Dylan Cornacchione, Tyler Cornacchione
1h 25min
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The film “Chatroom” tells about the problem and urgent issue of modern adolescents, suicide. There are sites in the open spaces of social networks where teens are pushing each other to reduce their accounts. On such sites, you can find many reasons to confirm the correctness of your decision. Or just find reasons for suicide. On one of the sites and met the heroes of this picture, Eva, Jim, Emily and Mo. Having met on the Internet with a charming young man, they completely trusted him. But the young man is not so pretty, and new friends are just an excuse to test their strength. He is planning to play a not very fun game with the guys. Innocent correspondence and virtual communication turns into a cat-and-mouse game. What pushes teens on this? What are their thoughts in this case? And why do they resort to such a solution to problems and problems in general? The film will present an opportunity to visit the company of such guys and at least get a little closer to the answers to questions. Perhaps the problem is not where everyone is looking for it?