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Favorites Black Beauty (1994)

Black Beauty (1994)
Year, country:
Daniel Zirilli
Sean Bean, David Thewlis, Docs Keepin Time
1h 28min
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Back in 1887, writer Anna Sewell wrote a touching story about a beautiful horse that had a lot of adventure. The story "Black Handsome" won the reader's sympathies, and since then it has been screened several times.

Black Handsome - is a nickname of a beautiful black stallion, the narration is kept on his behalf. Handsome born and raised on a farm during the reign of Queen Victoria. The time that the horse spent on the farm was probably the best period of his life. He freely ran through the adjacent razlohim fields, and felt free and strong. However, Beauty's happiness did not last long, and he was sold. At first, the changes did not seem so terrible: the Gordon family became the new owners of the horse. They have a horse meets new friends: Rezvushkoy horses, Ginger, and caretaker Joe. Handsome would be glad to stay with this family a little longer, but suddenly Mrs. Gordon fell seriously ill, and Mr. Gordon decided to take his wife to the edges of a more favorable climate. All pets, including horses, it was decided to sell.

So Black Handsome got to Lady Waxmire, where in the end he was crippled, and Ginger was driven. The hostess did not want to take care of the exhausted horse, and as soon as possible she got rid of him, selling the carrier cheaply ...
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