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Favorites Little Red Riding Hood (2015)

Little Red Riding Hood (2015) HD
Little Red Riding Hood (2015)
Year, country:
Rene Perez
Iren Levy, Nicole Stark, Robert Amstler
1h 21min
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An unusual story released by scriptwriters in the USA is a kind of alteration of the beloved fairy tale about the Little Red Riding Hood, only the Little Red Riding Hood contains horror scenes, so it’s hard to call it childish. Moreover, two stories intertwine in the film, one of which is very surreal and practically does not contain dialogs - a young girl goes to the forest on the instructions of her mother to take medicine to her grandmother, but instead gets into a strange castle. The palace in the forest looks quite fabulous, only real monsters inhabit it. The heroine will be trapped and, fleeing the monster, will stumble upon a brave knight who got here during the pursuit of a beautiful stranger who turned out to be the servant of a monster with a terrible face. At the same time, viewers can watch another girl from the modern world, who, during her journey through the forests, stumbles upon a rich country house, where she remains to spend the night. But she becomes a hostage of the same monster who preys on a medieval couple.

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