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Favorites 7 Cases (2015)

7 Cases (2015) HD
7 Cases (2015)
Year, country:
Sean J. Vincent
Brent Lydic, Lili Baross, Aqueela Zoll
1h 26min
FilmsCLUB.org - 7 Cases (2015) full movie online in HD

There are no former robbers. If you already started breaking the law, then stopping is very difficult. The two main characters, thieves with experience, but they decided to tie up with robberies and start a new life. However, it will not be so easy to embark on the true path. They have a customer who asks them to commit another crime. Men decided on this matter, and assure themselves that this is their last time. However, as it turned out later, this crime is not just an ordinary robbery, it is a real role-playing game for the scammers themselves, as well as for several others. What the men manage to get out of the robbed place, the unknown customer is going to distribute into seven cases and each of the treasured bags will remain with some seven people whom they already knew before. But taking money from them will not be so simple. If you do not take money from one of them at the appointed time, this person will die a terrible painful death. If bandits fall into the trap, then death is also inevitable. To get to the treasured money, the main characters will have to sweat pretty and show all their ingenuity. At this stage, they are even ready to surrender to the police in order to avoid innocent victims, but then they will turn their own heads. Will experienced adventurers find a way out of this situation and how will meetings with people from their past go?

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