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Favorites Golden Shoes (2015)

Golden Shoes (2015) HD
Golden Shoes (2015)
Year, country:
Lance Kawas
Christian Koza, David DeLuise, John Rhys-Davies
1h 29min
FFilms.CLUB - Golden Shoes (2015) full movie online in HD

The plot of the picture tells about the difficult fate of an ordinary boy Christian, who loves to play football. The guy gives all the best on the field, hoping that someday he will be able to play the match at the highest level. Christian is constrained by difficult family circumstances, because his mother is seriously ill, and his father went missing. The boy wholeheartedly believes that he will succeed, and, in the end, the life of the family will improve. In order to achieve the desired, the main character has to go through a series of difficult trials. It’s good that there are fairies and good wizards ready to come to the rescue in heaven.

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