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Favorites Anti-Social (2015)

Anti-Social (2015) HD
Anti-Social (2015)
Year, country:
Reg Traviss
Gregg Sulkin, Meghan Markle, Josh Myers
1h 56min
FilmsCLUB.org - Anti-Social (2015) full movie online in HD

The Canadian horror film Antisocial, filmed by filmmaker Cody Kalahan, cannot boast of a new plot. But despite this, there is still something new in it, and therefore horror fans should not leave this picture unattended. And all because this time the main source of evil will not be a zombie virus, but the most ordinary social network.

In the courtyard of New Year's Eve, and everyone is preparing for the celebration. The main characters of the film are no exception. Five student friends decide to get together to have a New Year party. However, in the midst of the holiday, a bloodied man appears on the threshold of their house, who is trying to get inside. The incident very much scared friends, but as it soon became clear, this is not an isolated case. A virus is raging all over the world that is driving people crazy. The protagonist has no choice but to barricade himself in the house and keep the defense. But where is the guarantee that one of them will not get sick ...

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