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Monkey Kingdom (2015) HD
Monkey Kingdom (2015)
Year, country:
Mark Linfield Alastair Fothergill
Tina Fey
1h 21min
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The documentary film "Monkey Kingdom" shows the nature and life of monkeys on the example of one female and her offspring. The life of a macaque is not a complete game and antics, they live in intricate societies where about fifty members are bound by a strict social order.
The pack always reminds where its place is. The upper estate is basking in the sun, and the lower one is shivering from the cold below. From the position in society depends who can eat. This is especially evident in the most valuable saber of the kingdom. Only those who belong to the top of the hierarchy can tear the ripeest fruit of the tree. And at the very top only an alpha male - he is the king of the kingdom. And he must please the three sisters who follow after the king. They get what they want and their children get everything they want. Maya is at the lowest level of the hierarchy. She eats scraps on the ground and she does not seem to shine to improve her position and feed on the branches higher. But she, despite everything, was able to challenge the pack and change life for the better.
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