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Hot Girls Wanted (2015) HD
Hot Girls Wanted (2015)
Year, country:
Jill Bauer Ronna Gradus
Farrah Laurel Abraham, John Anthony, Rachel Bernard
84 min
The scandalous film by Jill Bowel and Ronna Groudes caused a mixed reaction: he underestimated the picture among the experts, saying that the topic was not fully disclosed. In society, on the contrary, that this is quite enough to make unambiguous conclusions.

Around the world, thousands of girls are becoming part of a big dubious business — producing films for adults. This entertainment industry is developing due to the replenishment of new faces. But after all they must also be found somewhere. Have you ever thought about how girls get into this industry? The directors of this film gave the answer to this and many other questions. We will see exclusive interviews with girls who are involved in a dubious business, as well as with their families and friends, they will share their impressions about the experience. Several 18 and 19-year old women are interviewed about their experiences as pornography performers and how easy it is for a web-savvy generation to end up making porn.
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