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The Perfect Match (2016)
Year, country:
Bille Woodruff
1h 36min
The Perfect Match (2016) watch full movie online in HD - free movie on FilmsCLUB.orghe black man Charlie (Terrence Jenkins) was a successful photographer-pro. He treated lightly to women. Any lady who needed to make a portfolio, entered into sexual relations with him. His partners changed regularly. As described in the film "The Perfect Choice", everyone around him believed that this obstinate ladies' man would never marry. With friends, he made a bet that he was able to seduce any woman he liked, and they decided to argue with him that if he spent a little more than a month with some girl, he would definitely go with her to the crown.

At the resort during the summer holidays, Charlie had an acquaintance with the mysterious and beautiful Eve (Cassie Ventura). This event completely changes the nature of the photographer. He wants to do everything to make this woman his choice, but Eva has her own plans. She likes Charlie, but among other things she wants to tame the obstinate young man. Will these people get together or will everyone return to the starting point? Charlie's friends believe that the bet is completely won, and no one needs a fashion photographer except Eve.
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