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Favorites Welcome to Willits (2016)

Welcome to Willits (2016) HD
Welcome to Willits (2016)
Year, country:
Trevor Ryan
Chris Zylka, Dolph Lundgren,
1h 24min
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Willits is a small settlement in the forests of Northern California, where a quiet quiet life reigns. But all this happens only until the news that several residents have not returned from the forest sweeps around the district. At first, no one was particularly worried about this, because they were sure that the missing people had just gotten lost and would certainly find their way home, only no one had returned. Then the inhabitants set about searching and soon found only the bloody remains of the disappeared. From this moment, the disappearances began to repeat, and the quiet and peaceful life of the settlement came to an end. The situation escalates into something even worse when a local farmer encounters a wayward group of vacationers ...

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