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Favorites Death Pool (2016)

Death Pool (2016)
Year, country:
Jared Cohn
Sara Malakul Lane, Randy Wayne, Shawn C. Phillips,
1h 35min
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As old Freud said, all the complexes and habits of adults are taken from childhood. That is why the protagonist of this movie acquired in adulthood a not entirely positive hobby. So, when Johnny Taylor was a little boy, he was looked after by a young girl who had not the best ways of educational influence. In particular, she always threatened the little boy with a pool in which he would drown him for his bad behavior. As a result, Johnny's behavior did not improve, on the contrary, he began to behave very badly.

The developed children's complex has grown into something terrible, Taylor is looking for young and attractive girls who remind him of his teacher and drowns these girls in the pool. Actually, this is his main hobby, which he is not particularly shy about, his friend Johnny makes of this hobby something like a television reality. Moreover, Johnny's terrible hobby gets his own fans.

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