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Favorites Last Day of School (2016)

Last Day of School (2016)
Year, country:
Michael Mahal, Sonny Mahal
Lloyd Kaufman, Mark Justice, Brace Land
1h 34min
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The film "Last Day of Study" refers to four friends: Joe, Cory, Lewis and Hutson, who study together in college. They lead a turbulent student life and are not talking about homework.

begin to complain about what they face obstruction of the test. As a result, they are given several strange and anxious assignments: to steal video from the director’s office, to wrap a toilet paper on a specific car, to photograph Sara in the pose of a donkey or goat, to deliver to four-four strippers. Since the guys do not have much choice either to fly out of the university or complete tasks, they agree. If friends are caught during the assignments, then they will wait for much worse problems. There are some obstacles around and everyone wants them to get at least something. Will your friends be able to perform strange tasks, not to fly out of college and get off the water? Or will they end up in jail?