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Favorites Onus (2016)

Onus (2016) SD
Onus (2016)
Year, country:
George Clarke
Robert Render, Anthony Boyle, Kenny Thompson
1h 38min
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The main characters of the thriller "Burden" fall into an extraordinary situation. The teenager and the psychologist from his school come to consciousness and discover that the two of them are in remote areas. Their hands are shackled with chains, and in free hands they are held by a pistol tightly tied to a brush with scotch tape. There is blood on the boy’s shirt and signs of violence on his face. Kiran recently experienced great sorrow and does not understand who decided to continue his torment. Teacher Andrews can not give him an explanation, as he himself is struck no less than a boy. Prisoners have to run away from their pursuers all the time. Chilled with fear, they overcome the most difficult obstacles in the forest and mountains. Soon, the couple receives a message that one of the chained ones must survive. Only one way out - the murder of a partner, otherwise, death awaits both. The man agrees that the young man shot him, but he cannot decide, insisting that Andrews commit suicide. The solution to the creepy mystery is close. One of the connected made the other a pawn in his cruel game.