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Favorites Initiation (2016)

Initiation (2016) HD
Initiation (2016)
Year, country:
Oren Benamor
David Terrell, Dan Horton, Adam Ryan Rennie,
1h 21min
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It looks like sisters Sarah and Lindsay are ordinary girls who care only about parties and their own reputation. But in fact, the heroines of the film “The Initiation of Sarah” are not so simple: for several years they keep a terrible secret that can destroy the peaceful existence of their campus.

The sisters were offered to join one of two student communities, known primarily due to mutual hostility. The members of these small groups do not just compete with each other, but wage a real war in which there are victims and victims. Members of both societies understand that only Sarah can put an end to long-term competition and bring one side to a final victory, so they are making inhuman efforts to make the girl their ally. The fact is that Sarah has extrasensory abilities and clearly sees that the city will soon become the site of a decisive battle between good and evil. Young magicians are ready for exciting adventures that will bring peace or bring general chaos and destruction.

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