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Favorites Beyond the Call to Duty (2016)

Beyond the Call to Duty (2016) HD
Beyond the Call to Duty (2016)
Year, country:
Aleksandar Ivicic
Kevin Tanski, Robert Woodley, Chris Clark,
1h 35min

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Five professional military members of the elite squad of special forces, assign another secret mission. There are many successful operations on their account, and it is difficult to surprise them with anything, but they could not even guess what nightmare awaits them ahead. The military are confident that they will be able to cope with their task in a short time, and very soon they will return home. However, they have to face an army of the living dead, not knowing feelings of pity. Now they have to fight not only for their lives, but also for the fate of all mankind. The forces are unequal, but the soldiers of the special forces are ready for anything to win and save the world ...

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