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Black Road (2016) HD
Black Road (2016)
Year, country:
Gary Lundgren
Leilani Sarelle, Simon Templeman, Sam Daly,
1h 20min
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The dark road tells about the events that take place in 2029. Once, a woman turns to a former military man who is now an unemployed cyborg. She is ready to pay a large sum only for him to save her from her ex-husband. According to her, a former lover wants to kill her. It was for this reason that he hired killers. After some thought, he agrees to help the girl. To do this, he uses artificial intelligence called Clyde. To resume this intelligence, you just need to insert it into your head. So there were circumstances that Clyde for the main character was the last time not only a partner, but also a friend. When the man agreed, he did not even suspect that he would be expected to come. The protagonist in the Black Road (2016) film using artificial intelligence quickly finds people who can be in danger for himself and his new acquaintance. After that, he uses weapons to protect himself. Criminals notice that killing a woman is not so easy, so they try to kill her bodyguard first. The main characters are waiting for great journeys that are full of danger, chases and showdowns. Whether the main character will be able to cope with his task, you should watch a movie online.