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Exorcist House Of Evil (2016) SD
Exorcist House Of Evil (2016)
Year, country:
David Trotti
Amy Holland Pennell, Connor Trinneer, Mark Holzum
1h 33min
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The main character of the horror film "Nameless" finally found happiness. The brother, who works in the police, introduced her to a wonderful guy, his partner. Sheila and Luke fell in love with each other and, now, are preparing to build a family nest. But the couple has nowhere to settle. A mortgage loan is an unbearable burden, and the girl remembers an empty family house. Brother warns her about the bad glory that lasts after him. Terrible things were happening in the dwelling, because of which we had to invite exorcists. Aunt Margaret, in whose eyes all this happened, cannot recover until now, and is in a psychiatric clinic in an inadequate state. Inspection of rooms, streaked with bloody pentagrams confirms that evil lived here. But Sheila reassures everyone - the demons are expelled after the rite. Lovers settled, adjusted life. But, soon, it becomes clear that the "guest" only pretended to leave. In fact, he feels master here. And this is not a simple poltergeist that exorcists can handle. Everything is much more serious.