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Favorites Marriage of Lies (2016)

Marriage of Lies (2016) HD
Marriage of Lies (2016)
Year, country:
Danny J. Boyle
April Bowlby, Corin Nemec, Virginia Williams
1h 42min
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The main heroine of the intense detective film "Trap for the Wife" is a young woman named Rachel Wilson. She leads a happy life, primarily due to her husband. He is a real man: caring, balanced, strong, knows how to listen and is always ready to help. Husband Rachel works as a teacher in a local school, he really loves his work and, most importantly, students, their parents, as well as fellow teachers also love and appreciate him. In general, we have an ideal person, one of the most popular personalities in the town.

Then one day our hero simply disappears. Nobody knows where he went, he did not inform his relatives and friends - as if he did not exist at all. An investigation begins, during which Rachel becomes the first suspect. But can a happy, loving wife kill her own husband? If not, what really happened? The answer to this question will be recognized only by those movie lovers who watch the movie “Trap for Wife” online on our website.

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