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Favorites Deadly Intent (2016)

Deadly Intent (2016)
Year, country:
Rebekah Fortune
Gus Barry, Adam Birdsey, Ian Birdsey
1h 22min
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The main character of the film is a woman named Brioni. Her husband dies once in Afghanistan, and she remains with her young son herself. It is very difficult for her to survive the death of a spouse, but you can’t give up, because you have to think about a child. But Brioni was so immersed in his experiences that she did not notice that her son had turned into a closed and unsociable boy. The child began to play unusual and frightening games. After some time, strange events began to take place in the heroes' housing. Brioni decided that this son, out of boredom, was doing incomprehensible things. A woman blames her baby in the events that occur in the house, even without particularly understanding. Because of this, the son moves away from her even more. But after a while Brioni becomes clear that some terrible events are taking place in their dwelling, in which evil otherworldly force is involved.