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Stressed to Kill (2016) SD
Stressed to Kill (2016)
Year, country:
Mark Savage
Armand Assante, Bill Oberst Jr., Tamara Austin
1h 43min
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forever and ever. He is not able to cope with their nerves. Every day stresses are loaded onto it, which is difficult to transfer. A splash of energy does occur, only he loses his temper and simply cannot calm down.

All those around him in the film Stressed to Kill (2016), which cause him inconvenience, become his victims. If somewhere someone crossed his path, then consider that you can say goodbye to life. Uncontrolled bouts of anger should be treated, and not letting a person into society, but no one suspected that the situation would turn out that way. Ordinary passers-by, who at the same time with the hero of a thriller were caught in one traffic jam, became his victims. Bill tries to mask every crime. When he got rid of Telma, he arranged everything as if she had died from an attack. In fact, detectives found traces of cyanide in the lungs, which means that it killed uto. If you watch a movie online, then you will find out how the hero manages to go unpunished after so many murders, also for such a long time. Detectives take the matter seriously, so Bill will not have a sweet.