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Favorites My Sweet Audrina (2016)

My Sweet Audrina (2016)
Year, country:
Mike Rohl
India Eisley, William Moseley, James Tupper
1h 25min
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Awe-inspiring deepest fears, a stylish and rich motion picture will plunge headlong into the amazing and shocking world of the horror of an innocent girl ...

In the epicenter of the mysterious and rapidly developing events is the main character named Audrin. The girl lives a very strange life. The huge mansion in which she lives with her parents is her whole world. She is very closed, closed and thoughtful. Her family keeps some monstrous mystery, which the girl in no case can not be learned. Dad and mom in every way want to protect her from the past and from the surrounding reality, in which the poor thing can wait for something incredibly creepy ...

Our heroine dreams the same nightmare every night. A certain lady dies a monstrous violent death. Everything is very realistic and extremely intrusive. Who is this miserable? What does the poor fellow want to say with this dream? The exhausted heroine is already afraid to go to bed and bring herself to a critical state with insomnia.

Over time, the girl finds out that her parents had a daughter before. With the same exotic name. She loved nature, and was once cruelly murdered under mysterious circumstances. This person is Audrina every night ...

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