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Favorites Wrong Swipe (2016)

Wrong Swipe (2016) HD
Wrong Swipe (2016)
Year, country:
Matthew Leutwyler
Anna Hutchison, Karissa Lee Staples, Rhys Ward
1h 25min
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Anna is a lonely young girl who has huge problems in communicating with people. Her sister Sasha repeatedly repeated to her that it was necessary to fight this and take steps towards other people. At one point, the girl decided to take the initiative and registered Anna on a dating site. This application differs from others in a very convenient function: if you add yourself to the person you like, and he is close enough to you, you will receive a notification about it. At first, everything goes just fine, and Anna even finds a suitable man for herself, with whom she begins a correspondence. Only after some time, she begins to receive alarming messages and signals that the stranger is somewhere nearby ...

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