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Favorites Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)

Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016) HD
Little Dead Rotting Hood (2016)
Year, country:
Jared Cohn
Eric Balfour, Bianca A. Santos, Romeo Miller
1h 28min
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The horror film "Little Dead Hats" by Jared Kona tells the story of people in a tiny town who once faced one who settled in their forest. It all starts in horror with an elderly woman who has lost her life. Grandmother lived on the outskirts, avoided the town residents and raised her granddaughter. After her death, her granddaughter disappeared, and a pack of evil wolves attacked the city. The animals walked around the city, and killed everyone who came across the path. Over time, the wolves learned to attack people in their homes, and then the alarmed authorities began to act.

Residents are unbearably scary, and hunters and wolf specialists cannot provide explanations for horrific events. The town sheriff creates a squad and tries to appease frightened people, but faces even more terrible attacks from new forest dwellers. And here the truth comes up, connected with an elderly suicide: the woman has tamed a wolf pack, and after her death they make raids on the city. The Little Dead Cap knows how to stop the beasts: the grandmother taught her all the rituals.

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