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Favorites The Other Wife (2016)

The Other Wife (2016) SD
The Other Wife (2016)
Year, country:
Nick Lyon
Kimberley Hews, Tonya Kay, Christine Sclafani
1h 31min
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After the sudden mysterious death of a decent family man, a whole series of unexpected problems came over the inconsolable widow of the recently departed. The poor thing became aware that the sedate spouse was an impassable villain. The departed man led a cunning double life, and frequent, urgent business trips were only a cunning, convenient excuse to travel to another, secretive family. However, the bright future, the spirit of the ladies, is under a terrible threat. Mysterious killer, driven by unknown, significant motives begins on Kate this hunt. Hiding from the terrible persecution, the forced victim finds out the reason for the unexpected harassment. It turns out that the unprofitable faithful, shortly before his own, lightning death, recklessly took over a considerable sum of money of very dangerous and impressively influential people who wanted to return the brazenly stolen hired a professional killer.

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