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Sensoria (2016) SD
Sensoria (2016)
Year, country:
Christian Hallman
Lanna Ohlsson, Norah Andersen, Alida Morberg
1h 21min
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The phrase “Every home has a past”, which is the slogan of the Swedish “horror”, unequivocally hints that the main plot will develop around ghosts and demons tied to one house ... The center of events is a young woman named Caroline Menard, who just moved to a new home with rather strange neighbors. Gradually, we learn that a personal tragedy pushed the woman to change her place of residence - she lost her child, which provoked a break with her beloved husband. Now the heroine lives in complete solitude, only occasionally Caroline is seen with her friend Emma, whose visits seem to the woman to be very significant, because this is her only connection with the outside world. The heroine is tormented by an inexplicable feeling of anxiety. However, the reasons for this state are obvious - objects themselves begin to move around the apartment. A table lamp, an electric toothbrush and a microwave turn on without Caroline. At first, a woman does not treat this as a manifestation of supernatural forces. But gradually the strangeness becomes more and more, and to deny the nature of these phenomena is already meaningless. Now Caroline will have to figure out what exactly is going on in her house.